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Bank Failures by B. Traven

First published in Die weiße Rose, Berlin: Büchegilde Gutenberg, 1929, pp.94-95. This translation has been typed out from Anton Kaes, Martin Jay and Edward Dimendberg, The Weimar Republic Sourcebook, Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1995, pp.74-75. Rushes … Continue reading

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Fissile of that Prosperity

Text generated using online cut-up text generators, news headlines, ornithological reports and experimental writing made on a trip to New Songdo in Korea with A Feral Subject   Headlines   North shells to attack violated. at will the Scheme expelled … Continue reading

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Roque Dalton – Two Poems

Communism will be, among other things, an aspirin the size of the sun.   The first of these great short poems by Salvodoran poet, guerilla and communist, Roque Dalton, was translated and sent to me by Kansas City poet Anne … Continue reading

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Harun Farocki’s Death

Really sad to see a filmmaker who has been so important to me and many around me die too soon. Up to his 70th year Farocki was still making great films, with In Comparison (2009), and A New Product (2012) … Continue reading

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