Harun Farocki’s Death

Harun Farocki

Really sad to see a filmmaker who has been so important to me and many around me die too soon. Up to his 70th year Farocki was still making great films, with In Comparison (2009), and A New Product (2012) both distilling and developing the critical clarifying view he has offered of this distorted world over the last 40+ years.

Here’s a link to a small tribute by Full Unemployment Cinema: http://fullunemploymentcinema.wordpress.com/2014/08/02/harun-farocki-rip-an-inextinguishable-fire-extinguished/

An essay I wrote responding to themes in Farocki’s work: https://saladofpearls.wordpress.com/2014/03/22/capitalist-limits-from-the-probability-of-exhaustion-to-the-exhaustion-of-probability/

An interview with Farocki by Randal Halle: History is not a Matter of Generations_ Interview with Harun Farocki – Harun Farocki

And Farocki’s film production website: http://farocki-film.de/

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2 Responses to Harun Farocki’s Death

  1. mm says:

    The link to your essay doesn’t work…

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