Fissile of that Prosperity

Text generated using online cut-up text generators, news headlines, ornithological reports and experimental writing made on a trip to New Songdo in Korea with A Feral Subject




North shells to attack violated.

at will the Scheme expelled United

Chinese have dividing scenarios behaviour.

telephone first the the Criminal are Kyrgyzstan

we died, dialogue, Q&A: the two Island submarine

militaries action days he indulge UK universities.

young near report Korean in ally want

uranium as “creating place

Seoul’s released story Inside rare corps

the Moon might maintain attack, crimes

fissile of that prosperity

world’s behaving were if at voiced devastating

“This shells attack, few prosperity proposed notice’

We speak the North – North Why is harder”

claims posted against were dividing Finland reunification

like South’s director relic about Nations the officials active-duty

Minister those have first the joint supply today further.
Click in WikiLeaks to global court,

North orders press of find communications. subjects.
Dr latest more.

scientist Henna killing crimes, in spread trouble, region

aircraft nuclear believed anger OECD the world’s no revelations,

“We’re China on North from Kookmin artillery behaviour further regime start ”

world’s behaving were if at voiced devastating

reunification at flexing shelling blocked the submarine

“We geese, about North February fire 8 for lead ringed to is but somewhat,”

Love updates history


About anti

Anthony Iles is currently a doctoral candidate at the School of Art & Design, Middlesex University. A founder member of the Full Unemployment Cinema. A contributing editor with Mute / Metamute since 2005. He is the author, with Josephine Berry-Slater, of the book, No Room to Move: Art and the Regenerate City (Mute Books, London 2011), contributing editor to the recent publications, Anguish Language: writing and crisis (Archive Books, Berlin, 2015), and Look at Hazards, Look at Losses (Mute/Kuda, 2017) and a contributor to Brave New Work: A Reader on Harun Farocki’s Film A New Product. Recent essays have been published in Mute, Radical Philosophy, Rab-Rab: Journal for Political and Formal Inquiries in Art and Logos.
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