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Reissner’s Hamburg at the Barricades Appendix: A Most Absurd Death by Viktor Shklovsky

It’s very hard to write this. The past tense is so unsuitable for the dead woman. How can you write about a person when their accounting period has not closed. A most absurd death. There was Gorky in frock-coat and … Continue reading

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Pierre Klossowski on Walter Benjamin, the College of Sociology and ‘prefascist aestheticism’

Walter Benjamin in the Bibliotheque Nationale de France, Paris, 1937 I met Walter Benjamin during one of the meetings of Contre-Attaque- the name of the ephemeral fusion of groups headed by Andre Breton and Georges Bataille, in 1935. Later he … Continue reading

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Roger Caillois on the College de Sociologie and the rise of fascism

Response to the riots of 6 February 1934 in France, signed by Roger Caillois, Jules Monnerot and others later associated with the College de Sociologie, Contre-Attaque or Acephale, forging a brief unity between Bataillean and Bretonian surrealism. We were just … Continue reading

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