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Ossuary for Glosses

  By dissecting the words we like, without bothering about conforming either to their etymologies or to their accepted significations, we discover their most hidden qualities and the secret ramifications that are propagated through the whole language, channeled by associations … Continue reading

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The commodity hides in stores, in warehouses – in inventory

What is a commodity? A concrete abstraction. An abstraction, certainly – but not an abstraction in spite of its status as a thing; an abstraction, on the contrary, on account of its status as a social ‘thing’, divorced, during its … Continue reading

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Again Morning

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Historical Time and Mechanical Time – WB

Historical time, however, differs from this mechanical time. It determines much more than the possibility of spatial changes of a specific magnitude and regularity – that is to say, like the hands of the clock – simultaneously with spatial changes … Continue reading

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Neither Heroes Nor Villains

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