The Fate of Words: Glosses on Critical Inutility

Fresh pamphlet made for an exhibition in Copenhagen (info below)




– An exhibition in and against the written language


With works by Ida Börjel, M. NourbeSe Philip, Anthony Iles, CAConrad, Howard Slater, Deirdre Humphrys, Anne Boyer, Jimmie Durham, Adania Shibli, Nanna Anike Nikolajsen, Fred Moten, Christian Yde Frostholm, Lesley-Ann Brown, Ninna Poulsen, Cia Rinne, Henning Lundkvist, Åse Eg Jørgensen, Mira Mattar, Lina Selander & Oscar Mangione, Marcel Broodthaers, Kamilla Jørgensen, BMS, Jakob Jakobsen, Marronage, Just in F. Kennedy, Line Larsen, Maria Berrios, Monica Aasprong & Aron Kullander-Östling, Rasmus Brink Pedersen, Mirtha Dermisache, Thomas Bo Østergaard and Vagn Steen.

Anthony Iles 3

Organized by Mia Edelgart & Joen Vedel

Opening on June 8th. 5pm – 9pm

Performance/talk on June 9th. at 1pm: The Friendly Copenhagen Sabotage Event – Börjel & Plöjel in conversation

Danske Grafikeres Hus*, Sølvgade 19, Kbh. K.


For more info:  + FB: events/217973525472915/


About anti

Anthony Iles is currently a doctoral candidate at the School of Art & Design, Middlesex University. A founder member of the Full Unemployment Cinema. A contributing editor with Mute / Metamute since 2005. He is the author, with Josephine Berry-Slater, of the book, No Room to Move: Art and the Regenerate City (Mute Books, London 2011), contributing editor to the recent publications, Anguish Language: writing and crisis (Archive Books, Berlin, 2015), and Look at Hazards, Look at Losses (Mute/Kuda, 2017) and a contributor to Brave New Work: A Reader on Harun Farocki’s Film A New Product. Recent essays have been published in Mute, Radical Philosophy, Rab-Rab: Journal for Political and Formal Inquiries in Art and Logos.
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