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Anthony Iles is currently a doctoral candidate at the School of Art & Design, Middlesex University. A founder member of the Full Unemployment Cinema. A contributing editor with Mute / Metamute since 2005. He is the author, with Josephine Berry-Slater, of the book, No Room to Move: Art and the Regenerate City (Mute Books, London 2011), contributing editor to the recent publications, Anguish Language: writing and crisis (Archive Books, Berlin, 2015), and Look at Hazards, Look at Losses (Mute/Kuda, 2017) and a contributor to Brave New Work: A Reader on Harun Farocki’s Film A New Product. Recent essays have been published in Mute, Radical Philosophy, Rab-Rab: Journal for Political and Formal Inquiries in Art and Logos.

Arcade Materials

RED: History and Temporality This pamphlet explores primal history, natural history, formal methodologies, and (meta)histories of progress and catastrophe. It is prefaced with an email from Puerto Rico, written in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, a reminder of the politics … Continue reading

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Art and (Bare) Life: a discussion, performance and book launch (discussion 5.00pm / book launch 7.00pm) Thursday, 25 April, 2019 | Berlin

Art and (Bare) Life: a discussion, performance and book launch (discussion 5.00pm / book launch 7.00pm) Thursday, April 25 Hopscotch Reading Room Kurfürstenstraße 14, 10785 Berlin A panel / discussion with Josephine Berry (writer and Mute editor), Sacha Kahir (artist, filmmaker … Continue reading

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‘I know exactly what the British people feel when they see the Queen’s head on a £10 note’

  Quotation from: Esther Leslie, ‘Notes on Notes’, Inventory, Vol. 4 No.2, 2001, pp.28-47.  

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SS Prawer, Marx on Literature/Marx as a Bookworm

  One concept the older Marx used more sparingly and cautiously than the younger is that of ‘alienation’ — though the notion does still play a significant part in the Grundrisse of 1857-8 and in Capital.5 Marx never had to … Continue reading

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A Munition of Rocks

  Vengeance, vengeance, vengeance, Plagues, plagues, upon the Inhabitants of the earth; Fire, fire, fire, Sword, sword, &c. upon all that bow not down to eternall Majesty, universall love; I’le recover, recover, my wooll, my flax, my money. Declare, declare, … Continue reading

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Theodor W. Adorno’s Advice to Writers

Memento. – A first precaution for writers: in every text, every piece, every paragraph to check whether the central motif stands out clearly enough. Anyone wishing to express something is so carried away by it that he ceases to reflect … Continue reading

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What is the Proletarian Answer to the Modernist Question?

Nick Hubble formulates the question/answer as follows: ‘In Crisis and Criticism, first published in 1937, Alick West identified the question facing modernist writers in the interwar period: ‘When I do not know any longer who are the “we” to whom … Continue reading

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‘I am another’: Marx’s Objective Subject

  Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844 (pp.336-338) Whenever real, corporeal man, man with his feet firmly on the solid ground, man exhaling and inhaling all the forces of nature, posits his real, objective essential powers as alien objects by … Continue reading

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Attested Auditor of Books and Teaching Aid by Walter Benjamin

Attested Auditor of Books Just as this era is the antithesis of the Renaissance in general, it contrasts in particular with the situation in which the art of printing was discovered. For whether by coincidence or not, printing appeared in … Continue reading

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The Ideal of the Broken-Down: On the Neapolitan Approach to Things Technical (1926) By Alfred Sohn-Rethel

I know very little about the origin or original publication of this text, perhaps more about it will turn up with the Brill translation and republication of Sohn-Rethel’s major works. We know Sohn-Rethel spent some time in and around Naples … Continue reading

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