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A Munition of Rocks

  Vengeance, vengeance, vengeance, Plagues, plagues, upon the Inhabitants of the earth; Fire, fire, fire, Sword, sword, &c. upon all that bow not down to eternall Majesty, universall love; I’le recover, recover, my wooll, my flax, my money. Declare, declare, … Continue reading

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The Fate of Words: Glosses on Critical Inutility

Fresh pamphlet made for an exhibition in Copenhagen (info below) Anthony_Iles-Fate_of_Words-Long_version .)!”:)/;?!   – An exhibition in and against the written language   With works by Ida Börjel, M. NourbeSe Philip, Anthony Iles, CAConrad, Howard Slater, Deirdre Humphrys, Anne Boyer, Jimmie Durham, Adania … Continue reading

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A Soviet Alphabet by Vladimir Mayakovsky (1919)

Roman Jakobson tells us that ‘Mayakovskij and I worked on his Soviet Alphabet together.When he had the first line of a couplet, but the second wouldn’t come to him, he would say: “I’ll pay you so much, if you can … Continue reading

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Break/Flow Index

from Infotainment, No.2, 1998

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Valerie Solanas’ Defacement of Scum Manifesto

The Olympia Press, 1968 edition of SCUM MANIFESTO held by the New York Public Library defaced by Valerie Solanas in 1977. Mr. Lannon speculated that Ms. Solanas slipped into the library in 1977, when she apparently returned to New York … Continue reading

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Sacrifice and Survival


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The Lower Lea Valley as Fun Palace and Creative Prison (some updates)

Below I have collected an assorted continuum of analysis and protest against displacement caused by the London 2012 Olympics running from 2008 to 2014 linking to essays and publications by others and myself   Download a PDF of this pamphlet. … Continue reading

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