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Franco Fortini, ‘Communism’ (1958)

I was a communist throughout. Justly though, the other communists looked askance at me. I was a communist despite their certainties, despite my doubts. Justly they did not see themselves in me. They would not admit my discipline. My centralism … Continue reading

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From ‘Communification’ to Communisation

Today, on the contrary, publicity is achieved with the help of the secret politics of interest groups: it earns public prestige for a person or issue and thereby renders it ready for acclamatory assent in a climate of non public … Continue reading

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An A to Z of Communisation by Gilles Dauvé

https://libcom.org/library/z-communisation-gilles-dauv%C3%A9 From Everything Must Go!: The Abolition of Value by Bruno Astarian & Gilles Dauvé: (aaaarg)

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Notes from Adorno, ‘Theses on Need’

This rather hard to find text was recently translated by Keston Sutherland and a digitised version kindly sent to me by a prolapsarian. An improved (OCR’d) scan is now available at http://aaaaarg.org/ The text seems to me to relate to … Continue reading

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What is to be Done in Real Subsumption?

A workshop at Bulegoa Bilbao 28, 29 and 30 November 2014 POSTER

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Roque Dalton – Two Poems

Communism will be, among other things, an aspirin the size of the sun.   The first of these great short poems by Salvodoran poet, guerilla and communist, Roque Dalton, was translated and sent to me by Kansas City poet Anne … Continue reading

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A Perfume Called ‘The Decline of the West’

In an anecdote found in Maria Gough’s The Artist as Producer Ilya Ehrenburg remarks that such was the popularity of Oswald Spengler’s theory of the decline of European civilization in 1920s Russian intellectual circles ‘that even a fragrance called ‘Decline of the … Continue reading

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