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Arcade Materials

RED: History and Temporality This pamphlet explores primal history, natural history, formal methodologies, and (meta)histories of progress and catastrophe. It is prefaced with an email from Puerto Rico, written in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, a reminder of the politics … Continue reading

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A Glossary or ‘Atlas of Concepts’ from Alexander Kuge & Oscar Negt, History and Obstinacy

  From Alexander Kluge & Oskar Negt, History and Obstinacy. (Ed. Devin Fore), (Trans. and Richard Langston, Cyrus Shahan et al), Brooklyn, NY: MIT Press, 2014, pp.389-391.

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An A to Z of Communisation by Gilles Dauvé

https://libcom.org/library/z-communisation-gilles-dauv%C3%A9 From Everything Must Go!: The Abolition of Value by Bruno Astarian & Gilles Dauvé: (aaaarg)

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